Our Story



It is all thanks to my mom - Betty Mahan - she loved to bake & cook and it's just what a wife/mother/friend does for those she loves. After all – food make everyone happy!

Yes, one year for Christmas when I was young I got the easy bake oven (mine was an off brand - that didn't matter). That light bulb sure knew how to bake a cake!!

Mom did lots of things so she could stay home with us kids - she babysat, she baked cakes & cookies out of the house. At one time she had the garage converted into a bakery - Party Time Bake Shop - 608 Kay Dr. LS. In the late 1980"s she opened Maw B's Bake Shop - 551 Bayberry Crossing LS. Of course with family businesses - everyone was expected to help. Being the oldest I didn't have a choice. I started decorating cakes as a teenager. 

By example, mom also taught us how to be a strong Christian, family is everything & take nothing for granted.  Hug & kiss your loved ones often!

Mom sold Maw B's in late 1991 and it was then that I knew I would follow in her foot steps to do cakes & cookies at home. This allowed me to stay home for several years with our two boys. 

After leaving a corporate job - I knew what I wanted to do but just wasn't sure of myself. I took the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship class and decided to “go for it”.  The first location downtown Lee’s Summit for Cookie Jar Bakery was with “In the Middle cupcakes”, after a few short months there I felt strong enough to venture on to a place of my own.  Cookie Jar Bakery was at 318 SE Green St for almost six years before moving to our current location 120 SW 3Rd St in April 2018.

Baking yummy treats just makes people HAPPY!

Cookie Jar Bakery

Our Humble beginnings and about us

Here is our first store front.  We started in this location in 2012 on the east side of downtown Lee's Summit.  We stayed here for 6 years until we were literally BURSTING at the seams.  We loved this location but knew we needed something much larger to continue to grow!

Cookie Jar Bakery

our newest home

Here is our new location at 120 Southwest 3rd Street.  We moved from the east side of downtown to the west side into a larger and even more beautiful location.  We now have much improved access and parking for those busy days and a much larger dining area for you to enjoy.  Come by and see us today and grab yourself a nice little treat at the same time!