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Custom Cookies

Love a certain sports team? Celebrating a holiday? Put it on a sugar cookie!  At Cookie Jar Bakery, we’re known for our elegant and delicious hand-iced sugar cookies.  We’ll take your imagined design and turn it into a handheld piece of edible deliciousness.  

We have over 400 cookie cutter shapes, so chances are great that we’ll have one to suit your needs.  a custom shaped cookie cutter to fit your needs.  If we don’t? We’ll create one!  After we finalize your custom shape, we bake and hand-ice each cookie for the ultimate custom creation!  

Want something more precise, or have a company logo?  We can always print edible images for your cookies from an emailed logo file.

What can we create for you?

Wedding Cakes

A special day deserves a special cake! We’ll work with you to create the perfect design and the perfect flavor.
Tell us about your colors, your theme and your party size, then let us bake you the dream cake for your dream wedding.

Birthday Cakes

We love birthdays. Mostly because they involve cake.
We’ll work with you to design and create the perfect personalized cake, with hand-frosted designs or edible images

E-Gift Cards

They’re treat is your treat. (The fact that our e-gift cards are so easy to purchase is just the frosting on top.)