Hand-Iced Sugar Cookies

Custom designed just for you!

At Cookie Jar Bakery, we are known for our elegant yet delicious hand-iced sugar cookies.  We can take an imagined design and turn it into a handheld piece of edible deliciousness.  We start with determining what you are looking for and if we currently have a custom shaped cookie cutter to fit your needs.  If we do not, we can now work to create a shape that will fit your cookie perfectly!  After we finalize the design we will bake and hand-ice each cookie so that your imagined design can come to life!  

Want something more precise, or have a company logo?  No need to fear!  We can print edible images for your cookies to go in place of the hand-drawn designs we would normally do.  To do that we just need a copy of your logo file emailed to us.

If we do not currently have a cookie cutter that will fit your needs or if you want something truly custom, we can work to design a cookie cutter to suite your needs.  These again can be based off of your design but due to the baking process, they might lose some of the details so typically we do a hand-drawn or edible image on top of a more traditional shape.  Contact us today to see what we can create!

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Whether its our nationally famous holiday cookies, or something for the local sports fans, we can put it on a sugar cookie!  Please click or tap on the button below to go to our contact page to get started!